Episode 5: Mario D'Angela | Trailer
E5 trailer

Episode 5: Mario D'Angela | Trailer

This is RADAR, the all-new music podcast showcasing the creative output at ICMP. In each episode, we’re joined by artists, students and industry professionals to take an in-depth look into their musical journey, as well as the projects that they’re passionate about.

Hosted by artist/producer James Arlington, the series is supported by questions submitted by students through social media, many of whom suggest guests and topics to be covered in future episodes.

In this episode, due for release on Weds 20th September 2023, James is joined by Mario D’Angela - a London born and raised session drummer, writer and producer. A student on our BA Music Business and Entrepreneurship course, discussed his journey into session work, his placement at PRS and working at Reading Festival over the summer.

James Arlington - https://linktr.ee/jatmes